Jasper James

Nature Photography


  Hanging out with the Coastal Grizzlies on Alaska’s Katmai Coast

 I hope that in trying to live a just and good life it will come through in my work and inspire those who see it to respect and help preserve that which cannot be replaced.

Through my photos and my book “An Alaskan Journey” perhaps I can make a difference.  I am particularly pleased with the fine comments and kind words

about the book, which I spent many years finishing.  The stories behind each  photo bring me back to that moment again and to the reader for the first time.

"From the hand of God, through my eyes, to your heart and only then does it become art. "    Jasper  James 


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            The Auroras Light up the September Sky in Northern Alaska.                                              The Grant Creek Pack in Denali comes over the hill at sunrise and pass by me in

                                   It went on for some 4 hours that Night                                                             formation while the sun backlights the incoming storm.  The single most memorable

                                                                                                                                                 moment in my many years of photographing Alaska.

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